ZEGIN Medika

The health organization, policlinic Zegin Medika, commenced working in 1998. In addition to providing the patients with medicines, our goal was to enable them professional assistance with their health problems as well. Within the policlinic, 4 emergancy stations operate, which, on the principle of a personal doctor, serve 5000 patients.

Zegin Medika provides the following services: general examinations with a bio-chemical laboratory designed for general bio-chemical analyses, complete blood analysis, EKG, abdominal ultrasound and osteoporosis therapy.

Zegin Medika also offers a Specialist-consulting Service, which provides consultations with specialists from different areas of the Clinical Center in Skopje.

Dr. Verica Mehandjiska, specialist in medicine and labor, is the director and personal doctor of Zegin Medika.